Book Recommendation- Dear America Series

Author: Multiple authors

In third grade, I set a goal to read every single Dear America book in my elementary school library. The books took up two full shelves, so it was a daunting task, but I soon found out the problem would be what I would do when I finished them all. Each book in the series is written in diary format, from the perspective of a young girl living through an important event in American history. Each girl has a distinctive voice and personality, making each book a joy to read. The topics run from immigration to New York to escaping concentration camps and fleeing to America, along with everything in between. I would recommend any of them, as there are plenty of stories to satisfy any history lover. However, for those looking for pioneer stories like Laura’s, there are a few options. Across the Wide and Lonesome Prairie is written from the perspective of a young girl encountering hope and hardship on the Oregon Trail. West to a Land of Plenty describes the life of a young Italian immigrant girl moving to the American West. My Face to the Wind is the diary of a teacher in a one-room schoolhouse on the prairie. (And if you’re looking for something for a young boy to read, a spin-off series called My name is America is told from a male perspective).


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