Virtual Tour of De Smet: Bradley Drugstore

Bradley Drugstore

History of the Building Location

Next to Fuller’s Hardware was Bradley’s Drugstore, run by young George Bradley and his wife, Hattie. Charles Ingalls would often step across the street to exchange stories of the day, tell jokes and maybe play a game of checkers.

George Bradley, a well-known druggist, arrived in De Smet in May 1880. His pharmacy was the first ever established within the community. In addition to a fine stock of drugs and chemicals, he handled jewelry, books, stationery, paints and supplies. Mr. Bradley was a member of the school board for a number of years. He was also a member of the city council. He was prominent in civic affairs and also a person of public spirit who was always ready to aid in any movement or project for the De Smet community.

Mr. Bradley was a native of Wisconsin and was born in Columbia County, July 22, 1856. He married Miss Hattie L. Suffron in Fall River, Wisconsin on August 14, 1878. They had two children, both born on the Dakota prairie.

The Bradley Drugstore stood where the Halverson Office Building now stands today. For many years a Super Value grocery store was located at this site.

Excerpt from Little Town on the Prairie

“For the next literary meeting, there was music. Pa with his fiddle and Gerald Fuller with his accordion. Mrs. Bradley sang a solo that made the women cry and the men choke up because it was such a beautiful and sad song.”


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