Virtual Tour of De Smet: Fuller Hardware

Store History

At the age of thirty, C.G.S. Fuller formed a partnership with Andrew Dox Fuller and opened a hardware store in Brookings, South Dakota. The year was about 1879. The stock of goods were hauled from Tracy, Minnesota by team and wagon because no railroad was available. In 1880, Fuller moved his stock of hardware, again by team and wagon, to De Smet. The Fuller-Dox partnership was dissolved in 1881.Fuller Hardware 2 copy

Family History

Fuller Hardware copy

Pictured left to right: Clerk Mr. Reddy, owner C.S.G. Fuller’s wife Chloe Dow Fuller and her sister Bersha Dow Dunn. Chloe and Bersha’s brother was Nathan Dow who married Grace Ingalls. Bersha is the mother of Harvey Dunn, famous artist.

C.G.S. Fuller was born in Bath, England on June 20, 1847. In 1860 he came with his parents to live in Syracuse, New York. He would later work in Chicago and then move to South Dakota. Fuller married Chloe Thomasa Dow on February 26, 1883. Chloe was born on February 24, 1865 in Portage, Wisconsin. Mr. and Mrs. Fuller are both buried in the De Smet cemetery.

Additional businesses at this location 

Bouchard’s, Burkart’s and Tennies have located their stores on this lot. A new drug store was built on the lot in 1927. It became the Buchele Drug Store in 1945.

Excerpt from The Long Winter

“During the Long Winter, Pa Ingalls frequently stretched a rope and walked through the blizzard from his store building to the opposite one, Fuller’s Hardware. That early business was a gathering place for townspeople. The proprietor, Charleton George Summer Fuller was one of the first citizens of De Smet.”


3 comments on “Virtual Tour of De Smet: Fuller Hardware

  1. Jane Daas says:

    I really enjoyed reading about the history of Mr. Fuller and his connection to the Dow family. Very interesting.

  2. Susan says:

    I’m confused. Where is this building? Does it still exist? Was it located on Pa’s lot? This entry needs clarification. Context please.

  3. Susan says:

    In re-reading the entry, I see where Fuller’s was located across the street from Pa’s building. My apologies. Is it still standing?

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