Wish List for 2016

A slew of new projects are developing at the Laura Ingalls Wilder Memorial Society as we begin the new year, from expanding our educational programs to providing new displays in our exhibit room.

Last year, a generous donor saw our need for animal pelts and helped purchase 25 of them to use as a hands-on activity called, “Hunting with Pa.”  Every year, we have an average of 30 classes vist the Society.


Student shows off one of our many pelts, the grey fox.



Our new program, “Hunting with Pa,” allows students to identify the animal pelts and make their own track.

Director’s note: “2016 has only just begun and the Society already has many projects planned for the coming year.  At the moment, I am creating new signs to display in the Brewster’s school to better inform visitors about one-room schoolhouses in the mid-1800s.  In addition, I plan to expand our exhibit room by displaying more original Ingalls-Wilder artifacts and including more information on De Smet, SD and traveling westward.”


Inside the Brewster’s school.

The Society has identified specific museum needs and has developed a wish list, as shown below.  These are items we need to expand our exhibits and educational programs so we may better serve the needs of our visitors.

Wish List Items:

Education Program Needs:

  • Classroom presentation supplies $250
  • Braille Slates $300
red fox track

Red Fox Track

Ingalls Home Needs:

  • One outdoor security light $1,500

 Exhibit Needs:

  • Exhibit signage and display cases $5,000

In 2016, our goal is to display more artifacts in our exhibit room. Two years ago, we were able to purchase numerous Garth Williams illustrations and our next step is displaying them for our visitors to enjoy.

 Park Needs:

  • House demolition to expand our park area $2,000

Archival Needs:

  • A new computer scanner and printer $1,000
  • Acid free archival supplies $150 or less

Archives Room

 Visitor Center Needs:

  • Landscape – Trim trees and spread bark $1,200
  • Leaf blower $150
  • Electric hedge trimmer $150

We hope you will help us preserve Laura’s historic homes and share our history by donating to our wish list.

As always, the Laura Ingalls Wilder Memorial Society is grateful for your generosity and we accept support at all levels.  Remember: all donations are tax deductible!

For questions or to make a donation:

Call us at 1-800-880-3383

Click to visit our website.

Mission Statement: “Bringing the Laura Ingalls Wilder legacy to life today while preserving it for the future.”


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