Virtual Tour of De Smet: Waters Land & Loan Co.

The exact location of Clancy's Store is unknown, however this is the side of Calumet Avenue that the store was located on.
The Waters Land and Loan Co. sits proudly on the corner of Calumet Avenue and 2nd Street. Notice the power lines, dirt streets and windmill in the photograph. These are all unique elements that show progress and change in the community.

The Kingsbury Abstract Company was formed in 1887, with J.C. Gibson, A.W. Miller, C.L. Dawley, Al Thomas and A.N. Waters as members. The company built this building in 1888-89 under a new name.

Eventually, Otto Altfillisch served as secretary and was devoted full time to the affairs of the company.

Waters became an extensive land owner and was director of the De Smet National Bank. He also served as mayor several terms and in De Smet made many marked improvements to the town.

Through the years the building has housed many offices including: the Germania State Bank, Peoples State Bank, a doctors office and dental office.

The building exchanged hands again in 1997, and after three years of extensive restoration, was opened as The Heritage House Bed and Breakfast.

Laura wrote about this area of town in The Long Winter:

“The homesteaders on the Dakota prairies were warned it was going to be a hard winter. They had been told that every seventh winter was a hard winter and that at the end of three times seven years came the hardest winter of all. Pa was worried. The little claim shanty on the homestead was not strong enough to survive a hard winter. Pa decided to move the family into his store on Main Street. It was located at the corner of Calumet and Second Street. Ma could look out the kitchen window to the north and see vacant lots and the depot to the northeast.”

Laura Ingalls Wilder, The Long Winter


2 comments on “Virtual Tour of De Smet: Waters Land & Loan Co.

  1. Susan says:

    It would be nice if you could indicate–either in the text or a super on it–which way is North, so readers could orient themselves as to where Pa’s building is/was. I gather it was not where this Waters Bldg is, or you would have said so. In that case, where IS Pa’s building? I assume it was of wood and thus likely gone.
    Thank you so much.

    • Sierra says:

      Will do next time, thank you for your suggestion! What a good idea. And, you are correct — this building is gone which adds to the complication of this photo. There is no known photo of the store.

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