Virtual Tour of Pioneer Era De Smet, SD: Beardsley Hotel

The white hotel is shown "three doors down" from the left. The sign above the door reads "hotel".

The hotel is shown “three doors down” from the left. The sign above the door reads “hotel”.

Many new business people came from Brookings on wagons hauling their lumber. Mr. Beardsley was no different. He brought in the first load and his wife came the following day with the next load and the family. He had his building up and within a week his family was living in the building while it was being built.

The Beardsley Hotel, later known as the Kingsbury House, is mentioned in the Little House books as a real two-story building.

This site once held the Sturgeon Hotel, a body shop and later Tom’s Cafe, which was razed to make room for the United States Post Office.

Laura wrote about this hotel in Little Town on the Prairie:

One day, Laura and Carrie were sent home from school. Carrie and Mamie Beardsley had gotten into trouble with their teacher, Miss Wilder. Laura stepped in to help Carrie and that incident found them both walking home from school in the middle of the day. Laura was horrified and Carrie was worried about what Ma and Pa would say. Pa scolded them and told them to return to school the next day and behave. He would not have his girls making trouble in school! Pa and the school board then made a visit to school to settle the issue.


3 comments on “Virtual Tour of Pioneer Era De Smet, SD: Beardsley Hotel

  1. DeMatio, Brian A says:

    Hi I’m confused on how the discipline issue with the girls relates to the hotel rising?

  2. Tom Coughlin says:

    My great-great grandfather, John Sturgeon, operated the Kingsbury House. My Great Grandfather, George Sturgeon, operated the Sturgeon Hotel. My father George Coughlin was born there. My Grandfather, Tom Coughlin, operated Toms Cafe and my father was Post Master the Post Office built on the same site where he was born…..literally working and walking in his father’s, grandfather’s and great grandfather’s footsteps.

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