Brewster School

Laura taught her first term of school at a very young age. The Brewster school was located twelve miles southwest of De Smet and proved to be a trying experience for Laura. She lived with the Brewster family and one night awoke to find Mrs. Brewster threatening her husband with a knife.brewster copy

Some of her students were older and taller than she was, and she had to sleep away from home for the first time. Laura was miserable, but every Friday, no matter what the weather, Almanzo Wilder arrived to take Laura home to her family for the weekend.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Laura was determined to finish the term of teaching as the money she earned would help send Mary to the college for the blind in Iowa.

College for the Blind, Iowa

College for The Blind, Iowa

Excerpt from The Long Winter

“The first time Laura saw the schoolhouse with her sister, Carrie, was on their way to school. She described it as a building standing all by itself. It had windows on each side, a stovepipe that wasn’t being used at the time and a boarded-in entry. All the desks were patent desks, made of wood varnished as smooth as glass and had black iron feet. A large heating stove stood in the middle of the room.”



One comment on “Brewster School

  1. Ana Weill says:

    I don’t believe that Mrs. Brewster was threatening her husband, she was threatening to kill herself. “If I can’t go back one way, I’ll go back another”. Though I don’t know that her body would have been sent back home for burial. Maybe she meant in the spirit!

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