Schaub Harness

Frank Schaub was born in Baden, Germany, and came to America in 1868 with his parents and settled in Blue Earth, Minnesota. At the age of 16, he learned the harness business in Mankato, Minnesota. He had several businesses in Minnesota. Then in 1882, he believed there were more opportunities in the Dakotas and came to De Smet.

Schaub was the only harness maker in De Smet and thus carried the largest stock in the county. He was a very successful businessman and was also the mayor of De Smet at one time.HarnessShop2

This excerpt came from the book “These Happy Golden Years”:

Laura was waiting at the door of the homestead shanty when Almanzo arrived to take her for a ride. Almanzo had a new team of horses that Laura had never seen. They headed north through town. The team had not been broken to ride and were full of energy. As Almanzo pulled the horses down into a trot, he told Laura that he had bought a new harness, made to order at Schaub’s. The harnesses made there could hold even the wildest horses because they were made of strong leather, wax-sewed and double-riveted.

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2 comments on “Schaub Harness

  1. Faye Chitwood says:

    Thank you for your posts, I really enjoy them!

  2. Carolyn says:

    Thank you for such interesting information. It’s so much fun to associate events and people in the books to actual facts. Appreciate it!

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