Cream City Livery

In October 1901, Horace Perry and A.N. Waters partnered in building the Cream City Livery. At the time, the livery was considered the nicest livery, feed and sale stable in the northeastern part of the state. It also was used for boarding horses for local residents or when visitors came to town and needed a spot to board their horses.DeSmetCreamery

In connection with the livery, the partners had a handsome hearse. This was considered a convenience that the growing city needed.

Eventually the old livery barn, considered a fire hazard, burned to the ground. Although the livery barn was lost, the city was very proud of the work the firemen provided in controlling the fire. Because of their efforts, all of the surrounding establishments were saved.

This excerpt from the Little Town on the Prairie refers to the street where the livery sat:

“The stores were all of pine lumber beginning to weather gray. Each building had two glass windows in its front, and a door between them. In front of them all ran the level board sidewalk, and all long its edge were hitching posts. There were always a few horses in sight, tied here and there to the posts, and sometimes a wagon with a team of horses or oxen.”


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