Garth Williams Keepsake Ornament Series

Earlier this year, we introduced our long-time team member, Dianne, here on the blog. One of the projects that Diane worked on this year was creating a special ornament series for our gift shop. The first ornament is ready and we cannot wait to share the story about the creation process!

It is made of porcelain and trimmed with 22-karat gold. This ornament would be great for trimming your Christmas tree or using as a year-round decoration in your home.


Diane and Cheryl wanted to select one of Garth Williams’ illustrations from the book “By the Shores of Silver Lake” to feature on the first ornament. Not only that, they wanted to select an image that the Laura Ingalls Wilder Memorial Society had the original drafted stretch of. This would give the ornament extra special significance.

The Laura Ingalls Wilder Memorial Society had the opportunity to purchase 62 of Garth William’s original sketches from Heritage Auction between February of 2011 and November of 2013. The addition of these photos to the De Smet artifact collection was an exciting one!

After much debate, Diane and Cheryl decided to use the drawing of young Laura looking inside the well-stocked pantry at the Surveyors’ House.


The back of the ornament describes the scene with this inscription from the book:

“The Ingalls family moved into the surveyors’ house for the winter. It was a real house with two stories. Laura peeked into the pantry and before her was a little store. The walls were lined with shelves of pots and pans and all the food the family would need for the winter.”


Diane and Cheryl are pleased with the final outcome of the first ornament. It will make a memorable souvenir for anyone who visits the Historic Homes for a tour or a great gift for anyone who enjoyed the “Little House” books. It can be purchased on our main site for $16.99 plus shipping and handling.


Stay tuned to more information on this special series of ornaments. It is our goal to release one more ornament in the series before Christmas of 2014!




2 comments on “Garth Williams Keepsake Ornament Series

  1. How cool that you are starting an ornament series! Love it!

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