The Laura Ingalls Wilder Family Tree

Included in this version of Laura’s family tree are Laura’s parents, siblings, husband and daughter. Laura also gave birth to a son in 1889, but he died in infancy. He was buried in the De Smet Cemetery.

Ma & Pa Ingalls

Charles Phillip Ingalls
Born: January 10, 1836, Cuba, New York.
Died: June 8, 1902, De Smet, South Dakota.
Age: 66, buried in De Smet.
He was 52-years-old when he built the Ingalls home.

Caroline Lake Quiner Ingalls
Born: December 12, 1839, Brookfield, Wisconsin.
Died: April 20, 1924, De Smet, South Dakota.
Charles and Caroline were married on February 1, 1860 in Concord, Wisconsin.
Married 42 years, 5 childeren were born to this union.Ma & Pa Ingalls

Mary Amelia Ingalls
Born: January 10, 1865, Pepin, Wisconsin.
Died: October 17, 1928, Keystone, South Dakota.
Age: 63, buried in De Smet, South Dakota.
Mary became blind at age 14.
She graduated from the Iowa College for the Blind, Vinton, Iowa on June 12, 1889.
Never married, no children.

Mary 300

Laura Elizabeth Ingalls Wilder
Born: February 7, 1867, Pepin, Wisconsin.
Died: February 10, 1957, Mansfield, Missouri.
Age: 90, Buried in Mansfield, Missouri.
Laura and Almanzo were married on Brown’s Hill, De Smet, South Dakota on August 25, 1885, and were married 64 years.
One son, died in infancy and one daughter, Rose Wilder Lane.Copy of laura mo ruralist

Almanzo James Wilder
Born: February 13, 1857, Malone, New York.
Died: October 23, 1949 in Mansfield, Missouri.
Age: 92, buried in Mansfield, Missouri.


Caroline (Carrie) Celestia Ingalls Swanzey
Born: August 3, 1870, near Independence, Kansas.
Died: June 2, 1946, at Keystone, South Dakota.
Age: 76, buried in De Smet.
Carrie married David N. Swanzey (1854-1938) at the age of 42 on August 1, 1912 in Keystone, South Dakota and were married 26 years.
Two step-children, Mary and Harold.


Charles Frederick Ingalls
Born: November 1, 1875, Walnut Grove, Minnesota.
Died: August 27, 1876, buried in South Troy, Minnesota.
Age: 9 months.

Grace Pearl Ingalls Dow
Born: May 23, 1877 in Burr Oak, Iowa.
Died: November 10, 1941 at Manchester, South Dakota.
Age: 64, buried in De Smet, South Dakota.
Grace married Nathan William Dow at the Ingalls home in De Smet, October 16, 1901. They were married 40 years, with no children.
Nate Dow’s (1858-1943) nephew was Harvey Dunn, famous prairie artist.1997101900.grace

Rose Wilder Lane
Born: December 5, 1886 in De Smet, South Dakota.
Died; October 30, 1968 in Danbury, Connecticut.
Age: 81, buried in Mansfield, Missouri.
Rose married Claire Gillette Lane on March 24, 1909 in San Francisco, California. They divorced in 1918 after 9 years of marriage. No children.



31 comments on “The Laura Ingalls Wilder Family Tree

  1. linda says:

    I find it interesting that there were so little children born into this family…something I didn’t know! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Ashley says:

    Thank you for starting this blog! I’m in Michigan, and have yet to visit any of the Little House locations. The book series was a huge part of my childhood, and I’m re-living them now as I read them to my 5 year old. I’m hoping to plan a visit to these sites, especially De Smet, as my girls get older. Until then, it’s great to be able to visit these sites online. Thanks again!

    • Jan says:

      Ashley, I hope you are able to visit some of the sites someday! I live in Oklahoma and a couple are fairly close (within a day’s drive) to me. Independence, KS is in far southwest KS. The local folks figured out where the Little House stood, and have recreated a sod house and gift shop. They have special activities there for children sometimes. My sister and I visited Laura and Almanzo’s last house in Mannsfield, MO. Definitely worth a trip! It’s east of Springfield and easy to find. There are a couple of stone houses– I think it was called Rocky Top Farm because of all the rocks in the area! Lots of artifacts, you can take a tour, cool gift shop, and also see the cemetery where they are buried. I grew up with the books, loved the show, but to see it for real was something else!!!!! Really a fun experience.

      • Jan Feuerborn says:

        I was re-reading my reply– I goofed! Independence, Kansas is in far SOUTHEAST Kansas!

  3. What a great summary! Thanks for sharing.

  4. says:


    Did Rose have a son who was still born?


    Tami Thorstad

    • Sierra says:

      Hi Tami – Thank you for your question. Rose married Claire Gillette Lane in 1908. Not much information is available about the son. Reference: “Becoming Laura Ingalls Wilder, The Woman Behind the Legend” by John Miller. There is a footnote in this book to another book by William Holtz, Ghost in the Little House. The footnote says, “She may have later had a child that lived only a short time or may have suffered a miscarriage.” No other facts are available on this.

      • Therese says:

        Rose Wilder Lane and Claire Gillette Lane had an infant son who was born prematurely and was stillborn. The date of his birth and death was Nov. 23, 1909. He was born at Holy Cross Hospital in Salt Lake City Utah and was buried at Mount Olivet Cemetery in Salt Lake City. There is a virtual memorial for him on the Find A Grave Website under the name Infant Boy Lane. His death certificate is shown on the memorial site.

      • Gloria Frank says:

        That is so interesting thank you therese ,I am not quite sure was is real and what is fiction now that I read Mary never married or had children and that their was no Adam Ingalls Michael Landon made the character up in memory of his son Adam who got killed in a car accident.

  5. William J.Howell says:

    1.I noticed that with the exception of Grace there are no pictures of the Ingalls sisters as children 2.I also noticed that Laura Ingalls Wilder bears a resemblence to Millissa Gillbert and Rose Wilder Lane resembles Millissa Sue Anderson.

  6. June Guzzino says:

    What a wonderful idea! I will probably never get to visit these sites as I am officially a senior citizen now, but I can visit this way! Thank you so much for such a wonderful opportunity!

  7. Ron Chan says:

    Have been a Little House fan for a long time. Spent a whole day in Walnut Grove couple years back,was so fun. Not been to DeSmet yet. Got to meet and talk to Melissa Gilbert few years ago in St. Paul, it was so fun to talk to her. Question-I think one of these family girls was a Railroad Telegraph Operator?

  8. I always thaught mary married the guy she met in the blind school , I forgot his name that always help her. I always loved the series. and have always been interested in how her family lived and her books

    • Linda says:

      It seems unlikely that Mary would have married. Until about 30 years ago most disabled people didn’t marry. It just didn’t happen. My father’s sister who died recently at 100 years old was blind from birth. She never married, lived at home with her parents and never worked. I believe this was fairly typical of the disabled at that time.

      • Gloria Frank says:

        Michael Landon put more to the Ingalls life then was in real life. For example Charles had adopted a son on the show but in real life there was no son named Adam. Michael Landon had a son in real life named Adam Landon and made up the character in his sons memory. The Ingalls had a son but died in infancy .

  9. Darlene Roland says:

    So sad that Rose was the only blood grandchild of Charles & Caroline, & had no children to carry on the heritage.

  10. Debbie Harris says:

    This is wonderful! We are visiting DeSmet this July and can’t wait to see all about Laura and her family. I live in California and my daughter and grandkids live in Arizona and we are reading right now the Little House books for our trip.

  11. Kim Cintron says:

    I wonder why the tv series gave Mary a husband named Adam? Made me kind of sad that she never married or had babies..

  12. Tamara Jenkins says:

    Why was Mary wrote in the TV series as married to Adam & having 1 son who died in a fire at the blind school? Just curious as I didn’t know the real facts about Mary never marrying or having any children. Thank you

  13. Gloria Frank says:

    My Fathers cousin did a family tree to a certain point . The Charles Ingalls family was in his family tree. I wish I knew more but am so proud to be a part of the Ingalls blood. Gloria Peachy Frank

  14. Cherie Russell says:

    I have seen the little house in DeSmet, but, it was winter and closed. Someday I will visit Walnut Grove. It is only about 4 hours from where I live. I hope to also go back to DeSmet and to Mansfield, Mo. The people, the books, the tv series; it has all always been a part of my life. Laura was born 100 years and 6 months before me. She died 10 years and 6 months before I was born. When I was kid I always wanted to meet her, not knowing that it wasn’t possible. It is very sad that there are no decendants of the family, today. I have learned a lot from this site. Thank you so much for all this information.

    • She was born 100 years before me, also (plus eight months), I for some reason always loved that she and I are/were the same age, 100 years apart, and I’ve read her books so many times, that I feel as if she’s ingrained in my DNA 🙂 That there are no descendants also makes me sad, although all of us who love her books can make our own children and grandchildren Little House book lovers and become part of her “descendants by proxy” 🙂

  15. Christine says:

    There is no mention of the adopted son Albert Ingalls…

    • Christine,
      he was a fictional character made up by Michael Landon.
      Apparently, Michael Landon’s real life son, Albert, died of a car accident so, Michael
      made Albert Ingalls in tribute to his son.

  16. Lynne Thomas says:

    I’m not sure how accurate this is, I found that Grace did have a son, and, this son had several children. Charles had a brother (Uncle to Laura). The Museum in Peppin has a document signed by Charles, his brother, and I believe his father too.

    • Therese K, says:

      You are right about there being numerous inaccuracies in this genealogy [link in comments]. Grace did not have any children.

  17. Elise says:

    I hoped there were more ingalls. Is anyone related to laura?

    • Elise says:

      I really love little house on the prairie books and tv shows. I want m8re info on the ingalls.did any of the ingalls have any children with children

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